Movers and Packers Company in Dubai

Movers and Packers Company in Dubai

If you are searching Movers and Packers Company in Dubai then MST Movers Packers is the best choice for you all over UAE Call now 0529669001. Have you found a new house? Now you have to shift to your new residence.

Movers and Packers Company in Dubai | Cheap and Best Movers and Packers in Dubai| House Movers and Packers in Fujairah

Expert movers mean our movers and packers have extraordinary skills for shifting your possessions to a new house. Shifting household items and furniture is not an easy job for house owners. Experts who can move furniture and other objects efficiently are always in demand. Here at Expert House Movers and Packers Dubai provide you a complete package of stress-free house shifting services. We handle all your small to oversized items professionally. For this, we have an excellent reputation in Dubai as movers and packers.

We are the Expert and best movers in overall Dubai and provide a diverse variety of services to fit one and all, from individuals and families to organizations or corporates. Our packers and movers deliver you one-stop moving solutions. We make sure that everything of our customer’s items should transfer safely promptly.


If you ever shifted your belongings by yourself, so you have a good idea about how hectic and tiring the sifting process is. Therefore it is a wise decision to hire an expert mover’s service that can handle all your packing and moving requirements so that you can be satisfied and tension-free with the transportation of your valuables.

Expert house movers and packers in Dubai take care of everything from packing to shifting items to a new location.

Choose Expert Movers in Dubai

For any shifting needs, choose expert house movers and packers in Dubai because our workers work hard and try their best to give exceptional services. Although all moving companies are present on the internet, Expert movers are one of Dubai’s best moving and packing companies.

Moving Protection

We guarantee that your priceless valuables will be in good hands. Sometimes, outside assets may cause unexpected damage or scratches but don’t worry. Our expert packers cover your items carefully to avoid any harm. We have different packaging materials to match any transfer for both local or global moves. Experts pack your breakable things carefully and shift them to their destination in their pristine condition.

Moving Experience

If you are talking about moving and packing experience, Expert House Movers and Packers Dubai started the journey many years ago. They became trustworthy and reliable Expert house movers and packers in Dubai. Our move managers will take care of you throughout the relocation process, allowing you to sit back and relax.

You get customized moving and packing services with expert house movers in Dubai.  Our top priority is to provide excellent service at a reasonable price. Also, our movers are well aware of roads and locations, so it is effortless to manage your shifting process. Therefore, we can assist you in the best ways. Expert house movers and packers provide services as comfortably as possible. We pride ourselves on offering excellent services at low prices, making us one of the top-notch house moving and packing companies in Dubai.

We have moved hundreds of happy customers in past years. Our conviction that client satisfaction is critical to business drives us to be firm and engaged. Expert House Movers and Packers Dubai won’t leave you unhoped. So, book our experts today and enjoy a stress-free moving service in Dubai.

Best quality of packing materials

Packing materials are the most important for the furniture, electronics, and other household items packing. We use only the best quality packing materials reliable movers and packers in Dubai. Five plies of carton boxes are available in advance to pack your personal items.

We use bubble roll which is very costly and every company of movers in Dubai is not using this because of its cost. But we make sure that the service we offer should be reliable for our clients. Bubble roll uses for glasses, kitchen pots like plates, cups, glasses, and mirrors.

To make a strong relationship with the clients we assure the safety of their furniture. That’swhy we use carton roll for furniture and electronics along with stretch roll. The clear tape we use is essential but also we have clean and new blankets which cover the furniture and not to touch with other items.

Returned customers

We have over 4500 returned customers in the company history. Returned customers mean they are satisfied with our moving services in Dubai and they trust us to contact again.

We look very straightforward and make long-term relations with our clients. That’s why customers trust in our services and choose us for the second and third time to do house shifting or office moving for them.

Flexibility in extra items

Once we load the truck if there are any extra items that are not possible to take in one truck then don’t worry we will use our second truck. We will not charge extra for the second truck but if the second truck is also full then we will just charge for the vehicle cost.

If one to five items are left from the first truck there will be no extra charges. Because sometimes client items are not too much but can’t fit in one truck as professional movers and packers Dubai we try to help them and not charge extra.

Expert furniture carpenters and helpers

The team is the most important pillar for companies. Our moving team is professional and trained before they join our company. They have passed some movers and packers tests which taken by our professoinal supervisors.

The furniture carpenters can dismantle and fix all kinds of royal and luxury furniture along with appliances. And our helper’s team can do all kinds of packing like house packing, cargo packing, office packing, and packing for storage. Our movers and packers team in Dubai are properly uniformed and well-equipped.

Supervisor monitory

For movers and packers in Dubai, it’s very important to have a supervisor who leads the carpenters and helpers and to communicate with the client as well. Our supervisor monitors all of our worker’s activities like furniture safety etc.

The supervisor is also responsible for any kind of damage to the client’s assets. He monitors how the workers working like packing and furniture dismantling and fixing etc. The supervisor direct reports to the company manager if something trouble occurs because of the company team.

Covered moving trucks

The company has 6 box-covered 4-ton trucks. These trucks serving as movers and packers in Abu dhabi Dubai, Sharjah, and other cities as well.

Box-covered trucks are good for houses and villas items shifting. Your personal items are secure from outside people’s eyes which is an interesting benefit.

Our trucks have proper stickers and contact numbers mentioned by managers along with complaint numbers. If you found our drivers are staff in any kind of violation you can contact us directly. As the best movers in Dubai our aim is to provide straightforward moving service to our clients.

4 Unique benefits we offer

The difference between us and other moving companies are the unique benefits which we offer that make’s us professional movers and packers in Dubai.

The first benefit of using our moving service is a reliable and affordable price. The price we offer is based on a survey. Once we did the proper check of what items will shift. Our office team sends budget-friendly quotations. We give a chance to the client to compare our price and make the decision which betters for him.

The second benefit is about time. Time is the most important thing in the world and we trained our team to finish the work within the fixed time with the client. We calculate the time first in the survey and once we realize how long will it take then we inform the customer about how many hours will take to finish.

The third unique benefit of our service is about your health. Movers in Dubai have more chances than other people to get infected by Covid-19. But don’t worry our team members are checked daily by supervisors and if someone does not feels good we send them to the hospital. Our team is properly vaccinated and disinfected. We do the covid-19 test after every 3 days.

The fourth benefit of using our moving company in Dubai is safety and guarantee. We do agreements with the client based on the safety of their items. The workers will take care of all of your items as you do. The workers will not take anything from your fridge even water. We guarantee if something occurred like damage to the client’s assets we will responsible if happened because of our workers during dismantling, packing, and moving.

What are the service processes of movers in Dubai?

We deal with our clients based on the requirements of our customers like furniture and appliances quantity, distance, when to shift, quality of packing etc etc.

We offer all types of relocation here in UAE. Our familiarity in all the locations here can make your moving easily and fast. If you are living in a villa and you are planning to relocate, we as movers in Dubai can assist you with that.

All of your items will be handled by us. We dismantle all of your items and fix it to your new location.

We also pack well all of your appliances like microwave ovens, fridge, gas stoves, washing machine, televisions and a lot more.

Below are the full services explained with details so make sure to read and know everything about our company, our services process and procedure. We explained here properly about how we will take your furniture from your old home to the new location.

Our company is located all across the country feel free to contact us if you are looking for a movers in Abu Dhabi.

Items survey for official quotation

Once you request for a moving company in Dubai our agents will get in touch and guide you through the over all process. The supervisor will come to your house and he will take all the details about the quality of the service and distance.

Furniture and appliances dismantling

We have the most professional and expert carpenters and packing team. We dismantle all those furniture and electrical items which can broken. We dismantle the items so it’s easy to pack and load into truck. Make sure that dismantling is the most important factor for moving the furniture and appliances.

Furniture and electronics packing

We do full packing of all kinds of items like furniture, electronics, clothes, kitchen items, decor items etc. We use high quality of packing materials like bubble roll, carton roll, carton boxes, etc. As a professional movers and packers dubai we protect all items to prevent any kind of damage to the expensive assets of our clients. Our packing team is professional they pack each item properly with bubble wrap, stretch wrap and clear tape.

Trucks loading/unloading

Once we pack each and every item properly then the loading and moving process starts. Our helpers take all the items and load into trucks. Make sure that we have 4 ton boxed covered trucks which are very useful for house movers in Dubai. We shift the items to the new location as per the customer direction and then unload into their new house.

Furniture, appliances, curtains fixing

After safely arriving to the new location we unload the trucks and our carpenters quickly start the fixing work according to the customer direction. As our clients wants to fix their furniture and other items. We will fix furniture, appliances, curtains, wallpapers, photo frames, wall clocks etc. We have professional handyman team who can fix and hang all kinds of decor items and curtains.


Movers and packers in Dubai can shift and transfer anything according to your requirements. If you want to shift your house items, like house furniture and other house or residential and commercial items, moving companies in Dubai can help you with this.

In UAE it’s common that everybody changes their houses after one year or in the mid of year without citizens. This is why! Because here in the United Arab Emirates you have one year house, office or shop tenancy contract and as per business and jobs here peoples are not static on one place they are changing their locations, houses.
Before we list items and services of Movers in Dubai lets know something deep about moving services.

Why are you changing your house?

Is this because of job posting from one office to another office or you found something special new house. Mostly people are here in Dubai at company’s accommodation. And mostly we saw many customers that are changing their houses because of some deficiencies in the current house or company.
Now let’s explain items will be shifted from Movers Company in Dubai are listed below in details kindly follow this helpful article regarding movers and packers or if you are looking for a Moving Company in Dubai.

Furniture items which will be transfer by movers and packers in Dubai When it’s comes to moving services there are many questions and queries rising in our minds but the most important and frequent is about furniture moving services. The furniture moving service is the main service in the relocation industry if it’s in Dubai or anywhere in the world. Because the furniture is very important to dismantle, pack, shift and fix properly and only possible via Movers Company in Dubai. They have expert carpenters and packaging staff they can dismantle furniture and fix it in new house or office.

Kitchen Utensils and other House items like clothes, boxes, curtains, books, baby items, personal items and many more items they shift while house relocation service. They also provide carton boxes for packing and other packaging materials as well as. If someone needs to pack their personal items before movers team arrive in his house so also we provide boxes and other packaging materials one week ago.


The Movers and packers company in Dubai will provide all of their possible help and support to shift your items and fix it in new home. Now everyone wants to hire professional moving company in Dubai because they want to professional service.

But they also want to know about the moving company services processes and procedures. So in this article keep in touch with us and read this if you are really looking movers in Dubai.


People want to know about the quotation procedure of moving companies in Dubai when they plan to shift their house furniture. The price procedure is when you contact movers and Packers Company they will ask if you can send location.

They need to do a survey of your house furniture and all items which you want to shift by a movers company in Dubai. “OR”
They will tell you to send photos and videos of your furniture and other items like kitchen items, bedroom, living room, curtains, and lights, wall frames etc.
So what is the best way to do? We recommend sending your house location and they’ll send their supervisor to check all items personally if you need exact price according to your items.

Why to send location instead of photos and videos?

Because he will ask all details from you directly and maybe he will provide good quotations because many customers send videos and photos as they sent to many companies also so that’s why they do not give the best price they just till you estimate.
If you need to get exact price details then call Movers Company and tell him to send someone to check your house by your end.


When the house movers company in Dubai sends you the quotation according to furniture moving so then you have to reply on time and schedule the work date and time must two or three days ago, this is why?
Because they also booked by other peoples and it’s a professional way to inform second party some days ago in any kind of work if you do.


Relocation Company in Dubai will also take care of your expensive items like they will pack everything properly to protect items and furniture from any kind of scratch and damage.

But our means if you have something personal like Money, Gold, and other personal items kindly keep it with you because movers team will pack it boxes and maybe there will be confusion later that where they kept the items.


We saw in many places even 80% of people don’t move in or move out clearance on time so then it’s a problem and delay on the working day.
Kindly do all kind of clearance with your property management office because if movers company send their team for moving your items and if they late to start work because of the clearance so then it will finish later.
And maybe they leave your curtains and drilling work then in new house because if they late from 9:00 PM in UAE these are the rules that drilling is not allowed after 9:00 PM and also second day they can’t send their workers because also scheduled other works.


Movers in Dubai will provide all possible help and support to finish your house relocation work but there is something like if you have personal items and clothes etc. And if you want to keep them in wardrobes, cabinets so then it’s not possible for movers and packers workers because they not have experience in this.
“But don’t worry we have solution”
If you need we will provide Filipino ladies they will unpack all the boxes and keep your kitchen utensils, clothes, personal items in their places properly.


Hiring movers and Packers has a lot of advantages for us who don’t know the right process of moving our furniture to another location. Below are the advantages that might help you to trust movers and packers in Dubai as your companion in your moving:


Movers and Packers will ensure the safety of your items by providing them the best packaging while moving. They provide high quality packaging materials for your furniture, appliances, kitchen items, clothes and etc. They are also providing best packing for office furniture and appliances so that it will be a less – hassle work if your office needs to be relocated.
They will be the one to provide boxes and pack your things and unpack it when it reaches your next destination. If you have furniture that is need to dissemble first before packing then they can also handle that matter. They will dissemble it all then put them back together once your furniture has arrived in your new destination. You don’t have to worry as they will take care of your furniture like how much you take care of them.


Movers and Packers in Dubai also provide the vehicles like big and small trucks for your moving. You don’t have to worry about that because it is part of the services that they are offering when it comes to moving.

They have skilled workers who will load and unload all of your stuff from the truck and unpack all of it once it has been delivered to your next location.


Registered Movers and Packers has insurance for the services that they are offering when problems might occur like lost of items or if your furniture has been damage because of the moving process.
This is why we should find movers and packers that are legit and has permit to operate for us to have assurance that our furniture will be safe to them.


If you will be the only one to pack and move your furniture then it is really time consuming for you especially if you have other work to do or you are always busy. From dismantling, packing and fixing it really requires a lot of time, but when you hire movers and packers that can help you then they are always ready to help you in your moving.
They have a lot of Professional staff that can help you in packing all of your stuff with the use of high quality packaging materials. This will make you feel at ease as they can do their work properly and finish it on time and deliver all of the items on the right destination.


It will be a hassle – free work for you once you hire movers and packers as your partner in moving. They will provide you all the best services that you need in order to move your furniture from home or offices.
You don’t have to worry anymore about the packaging materials, transportation, packing, dismantling and fixing as they will be very happy to assist you in your moving in Dubai.

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